ATCCS - ATC Tower Communication Simulator

ATCCS is a computer based simulation application that has the capability to simulate daily Air Traffic Communication scenario to ensure ATC trainee to have near realistic training environment. This is important to ensure that ATC trainee understand the training objective and be able to use their skill effectively in the world ATC operation.

The total solution shall include software solution, mock airfield , aircraft model, holding positions railing and customized terminal positions to host the application.

The arrangement of the furniture is also carefully design to ensure a near realistic training setup thus creating a very effective training solution.

The hardware used in the solution also shall be from “off the shelf” which ensuring the investment is protected from hardware obsoleteness.


  • Low total cost of ownership in setting up the solution

  • Stable training platform

  • Easy to setup and maintain

  • Superb after sales support

  • State-of-the-art technology

  • “Off the shelf” hardware ensuring investment protection

ATCCS System Features

State of The Art Technology

The solution employs latest technology in computer based voice application protocol and remote control services. This technology is embedded in the solution giving the best output in term voice quality and the flexibility in managing and creating the best training environment for the Air Traffic Controller. The software was developed using the best in class software development methodology and inter system communication was achieved based on TCP/IP and VoIP protocol.

Two Trainee Position

The system consists of two trainees position enabling simultaneous training for Primary and Secondary Air Traffic Controller. This is useful to train controllers for a busy airport environment which require a pair of Air Traffic Controller to manage the airport’s air traffic. The trainee position interphone button is configurable to ensure realistic communication environment.

Multiple Role Player / Pilot Position

The ATCCS provides up to 3 role players or pilot role position with configurable interphone button in order to ease the assignment of role playing instructors when a training is in session. The role player / pilot positions is capable of contacting the two Controller Positions to simulate a radio or interphone traffic in order to test the sitting trainee in the training sessions

Configurable Interphone Button

The interphone buttons on the Role Player Positions and Controller Positions are user configurable to suit any training setup and environment. The button setup can be saved in a multiple files which can be later uploaded when required.

Realistic Control

All positions will have a headset with microphone for radio traffic. This headset will be connected to hand and foot controlled PTT switch ensuring realistic radio procedure control. As for the interphone, it will be connected to a phone like handset thus giving the user a better experience in handling communications.

System Components

  • 2 x Controller Position Terminal with headset and handset

  • 3 x Role Player / Pilot Position Terminal with headset and handset

  • 1 x Communication Controller with Monitor Speaker

  • Mock Airfield and Model Aircraft

  • Furniture and Fittings for 5 positions and communication controller