inTouch – Maintenance Management System

inTouch is a web-based Maintenance Management System is solution which can be customised to meet the requirements of a service based industries. Ranging from basic mechanical and electrical logistic support to the most complex nuclear power plant maintenance, inTouch is capable of delivering the service and performance needed by an efficient maintenance contractor. Its open source architecture offers a wide range of customisation and licensing options giving the best offer for any budget.

inTouch Standard Modules

Asset Module

Capture asset nameplate information. Track purchase information and straight depreciation. Create and track parent child and siblings relationship. Display work history and costs for each asset. Track bill of material for each asset for better critical spares management.

Location Module

Organize location by assigning codes. Users can also use location codes to raise service work orders for civil jobs. Display assets belonging to a particular location. Display work order history by location. List of employees assigned to a location

Work Order Module

Tracking who, what, where, why, when of maintenance work. Including employee’s hours, spares, consumables and all costs by work order. Allow prioritizing and categorizing work for easy planning, captures failure mode, prevention action taken and customer satisfaction.

Preventive Maintenance Module

Schedule work orders based on scheduled or actual time completion. Generate PM work orders and accommodate multiple scheduling criteria. Sequence different scheduling frequencies.

Employee Module

Capture employee details. Capture employee normal and overtime rates. Track employee hours and costs by work orders.

Inventory Module

Track spares and consumables receipts, issues and returns. Track adjustments to stock counts due to expiration and obsolescence. Track costs based on standard and average costs. Allows issue of spares from work order module. Track reorder and min/ max level.

Reports Module

Provides detail reports on equipment, work and resource productivity. Report features allow visibility and communications of your maintenance management data to your entire enterprise. Our reports sort by date, time, location, category, people, department and status.